Our specialized staff in the field guarantees the smooth operation of the entire system for installation and trouble-free operation of the IBS device. Today, the most important corporate companies prefer to use this professionalism. With our engineering knowledge and experience in many supermarkets and industrial plants in general of Turkey, new ones are added every day.

In order to fulfill its function for years without any problems and minimal operating costs of cooling systems, cooling systems require periodic maintenance and controls like all systems.Services throughout Turkey with the service and maintenance network formed by continuous understanding in a way that could interfere with any failure in the latest 4 hours, offers services for 7 days 24 hours composed of qualified personnel and mobilized team.

For correct operation of the system is possible by selecting the right equipment for the system. For correct operation of our cooling device IBS offers to customers the engineering information when they need during the installation phase. For Specific cooling requirements with the IBS experience and engineering services are transformed into products that customers remain satisfied. All products are continuously developing innovations followed in the international arena to be more efficient.