IBS Condenser Units are manufactured in commercial and industrial types according to your cooling needs for your cold and frozen enclosure cooling needs.Commercial type cooling devices are suitable for your market and small capacity industrial facilities, while industrial cooling devices are suitable for high capacity cooling facilities.The new environmentally friendly gas options are produced in accordance with Eco-Design.In addition to its smooth operation even at high outdoor temperatures with its standard models, the device design for warmer regions can be changed according to the need.You can request IBS condenser units as a package with cooler, control panel and expansion valve.

Split Type Hermetic

Split Type Hermetic condenser units are suitable for low capacity requirements for shelf cooling and the cold rooms.

Split Type Scroll

Sound and vibration is low on Split Type Scroll Condenser Units. In particular, the application is perfectly suited to the grocery store

Split Type Semi Hermetic

Split Type Semi-hermetic refrigeration condenser units are suitable for low and medium capacity requirements.

Industrial Type

Industrial Type Condenser Units are suitable for medium and high capacity refrigeration industrial facilities.