IBS Chiller Units offer a wide selection range from 5 kW to 1,500 kW in 4 different models according to capacity needs.

Water cooling units are shipped ready for direct use by only water connection with their proven quality components.


Minichill Water Cooling Units are suitable for low capacity process applications. Provides ease installation through small compact design.


MidiChill Water Cooling Units, produced by assembling on condensers in monoblock cabin with scroll or semi-hermetic compressors, all the systems and security equipment.


Maxichill Water Cooling Units are suitable for high-volume processing applications; Consists of two semi-hermetic compressors and single screw compressor. 


Ultrachill Water Chillers used 2 of the screw compressor with highest of 300 HP. Used Shell and Tube evaporator. There are double or four cooling circuit according to the capacity..