Screw Multi Compressor Units

Screw Central Systems are suitable for high capacity industrial plants.It works smoothly at high capacity needs with advanced oil control.Condensers’re shipped separately in our cooling devices produced by parallel connection of 2 to 5 compressors.


Screw central systems advantages

  • Suitability For High Capacity Applications
  • IP55 Integrated Electrical Box
  • Well developed System Control
  • Air Cooled Developed Oil Flow Control
  • Quality Equipment
  • Economiser for Each Compressor
  • Compatible condensers for hot ambient
  • High Security Equipment
  • Special Desing Screw Oil Seperator
  • IP55 Integrated Electrical Box

Technicial Specifications

Screw central systems technicial specifications

Compressor TypeScrew
Nominal Power Range70 HP – 550 HP
Compressor Pieces2-5
Oil Management TypeElectronic Control with Oil Cooling
Available RefrigerantsR404A – R448A – R449A – F407F – R134A
Condanser PositionRemote
Condanser TypeFin&Tube – Mikrochannel- Epoxy Coated Fin
Condanser Fin Spancing2,1 mm – 2,5 mm
Condanser Tube MeterialCopper

Standard Equipment

Screw central systems standard equipment

  • Screw Compressor
  • Compressor Service Valves
  • Vibration Absorber
  • Liquid Receiver (Wiht Service Valve)
  • Safety Valve
  • Liquid Line Filter
  • Liquid Line Sight Glass
  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Axial Fan
  • Economiser
  • Painted Weatherproof Cabin
  • Oil Seperator
  • Air Cooled Oil Condanser
  • Oil Flow Kit
  • Oil Sight Glass
  • Oil Filter
  • Flexible Oil Line
  • Oil Line Service Valve
  • Dual Pressure Prosestad
  • High/Low Pressure Manometer
  • Pressure Service Valves
  • Flexible Pressure Line
  • Rack Kontrol
  • Oil Temperature Termostad
  • Entegre IP55 Elektrical Box

Optional Equipment

Features other than standard package contents

  •  Fan Speed Control


Applications and files that may be required