Ekonomic Multi Compressor Units

Economic central systems, except for equipment that provides a smooth and trouble-free operation of the system, offers economical option with high-quality equipment in the absence of optional equipment. It is suitable for low-budget projects. Scroll and semi-hermetic compressors used.


Ekonomic central systems advantages

  • Suitability For Low Budget Applications
  • IP55 Integrated Electrical Box
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quality Equipment
  • Compatible condensers for hot ambient
  • Developed Compressor and Fan Control
  • Extra Vibration Precautions
  • IP55 Integrated Electrical Box
  • Small Size Simple Design
  • Silent Condenser Fan Option

Technicial Specifications

Ekonomic central systems technicial specifications

Compressor Type Semi Hermetic/Scroll
Nominal Power Range 4 HP – 36 HP
Compressor Pieces 2-3
Oil Management Type Crankcase Balancing
Available Refrigerants R404A – R448A – R449A – F407F – R134A
Condanser Position Remote
Condanser Type Fin&Tube
Condanser Fin Spancing 2,1 mm – 2,5 mm
Condanser Tube Meterial Copper

Standard Equipment

Ekonomic central systems standard equipment

  • Scroll / Semi Hermetic Compressor
  • Compressor Service Valves
  • Check Valve
  • Vibration Absorber
  • Liquid Receiver (Wiht Service Valve)
  • Liquid Line Filter (Drier)
  • Liquid Line Sight Glass
  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Axial Fan
  • Open Type Cabin
  • Oil Seperator
  • Oil Sight Glass
  • Oil Filter
  • Flexible Oil Line
  • Oil Line Service Valve
  • Dual Pressure Prosestad
  • High/Low Pressure Manometer
  • Pressure and Oil Line Service Valve
  • Flexible Pressure Line
  • Pressure Line Service Valve
  • Rack Kontrol
  • Entegre IP55 Elektrical Box

Optional Equipment

Features other than standard package contents

  •  Compressor Inverter
  • Fan Inverter


Applications and files that may be required