Multiple cooling zones can be cooled with a single cooling device. IBS is one of the leading companies in the expansion of the central system in Turkey.

The product of its own R&D study, operating multiple compressors with plc for the first time in 1993 with central system logic,so has produced thousands of trouble-free central systems. This experience has turned into Central Systems that operate smoothly in every region of the world.

IBS Central Cooling devices meet all cooling needs without any problems with the wide product range from low capacity market (discount) cooling needs to the cooling needs of very high capacity industrial cooling facilities.

All solutions for energy efficiency are used in IBS products after long tests done and guarantee our Central Systems to operate with lower operating costs.

Monoblock Condanser


Minipack Central Systems are suitable for low capacity applications where multiple cooling zones are. 


Midipack Center Systems is perfectly suited to supermarket applications.


For high-capacity condenser cooling needs, Maxipack Center System Cooling Units offers a complete selection of products.

Remote Condanser


For high cooling requirements Standard Central Systems are suitable for industrial and supermarkets applications. 


 It is suitable for low-budget projects. Scroll and semi-hermetic compressors used.


Screw Central Systems are suitable for high capacity industrial facilities.