The design and manufacturing style of IBS always has its customer’s needs and demands at heart. IBS’s experience and impressive record of success with meeting these demands and latest state of the art R&D processes are seamlessly transformed into excellent products.IBS never compromises on the quality of its products as can be seen by its proven track record.

Our Customers Come First, And Are Always Satisfied With Our Products.

Because of this outlook on manufacturing IBS have achieved considerable success şn the industrial, supermarket and commercşal refrigeration markets in Turkey and are working hard to let our success and expertise be known all over the world.

High Quality!

IBS incorporates many production possibilities to achieve excellence in its products.With all the necessary parts for its own serial production such as cabin design and processing, condenser and evaporator battery production, electrical panel production,in addition to the fastness in production, quality is also ensured.

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About Us

IBS Isıtma Soğutma Havalandırma Taahhüt Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş  was established in 1993 with two partners.While it has been providing contracting services to supermarkets and hypermarkets during its establishment,today, it is also takes an important place among the industrial cooling products manufacturers.It carries out its production with its expert staff in its factory located in Ümraniye Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone, with a closed area of 10.000 m² and an area of 12.500 m².

In addition to the industrial cooling engineering services, contracting services are also provided in the management building located within the boundaries of the factory.Due to latest technology products produced and low energy systems, by providing a very significant energy saving to the chain markets,it continues its leadership in this regard.Produced with the latest technology accepted by all industrial refrigeration companies, environmentally friendly, CO2 refrigeration units, also one of the first manufacturers in Turkey.

It performs the discovery and project planning of the commitment services with its own staff at the headquarter and performs its field practices with its own field staff.It also provides 24/7 service with contracted services in every region of the country, of supermarkets and industrial facilities that it has set up. It has installed nearly 7,000 stores across the country until today.

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According to quantity of units produced , factory of IBS has become the largest cooling systems supplier of organized retail chains in Turkey. The export rate of their production is increasing day by day.

Among the IBS products ,there are split and industrial type condensing units for small and medium capacity cooling needs, central system for high capacity cooling needs, room coolers and chiller devices.

The production efficiency has increased by making investments such as cabin processing area and paint shop, condenser evaporator battery production facility for heat exchangers, CNC section for fitting materials to produce the cabin used in their devices to reduce external dependency.

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IBS has committed to provide quality of each product and the highest level of certification.

All of our products comply with strict safety requirements set out by the EC the CE standards. As a further indication of the stability of the design, operational excellence and manufacturing processes IBS has ISO 9001 certification since 1998. Furthermore, all conditions were performed to obtain the instructions to the 97/23 / EC (PED) IBS production and manufacture.

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